This weekend our nation will celebrate the birthday of the Australian national flag on September 3 – an anniversary that has been running for more than 100 years.

It is my hope that people will put a flag on their mailboxes, windows etc and leave it here as a symbol of hope that all Australians will be united together as a nation by September 3.

During the 1990s I was touched to read a statement by the late Aboriginal leader and MP Neville Bonner AO – a Jagera elder – who said: “Our flag has served as a beacon of freedom, justice and friendliness. It represents a sovereign independent country where we observe the rule of law, practice parliamentary democracy and belief in equality for all citizens in Australia, indigenous and non-indigenous of whatever colour, creed or gender”.

Sir Rupert Goodman’s prayer for our national flag read: “Almighty God, the father of creation, and sovereign ruler of the nation. We thank you for your many blessings upon the people of Australia.

“Our trust is in your protection and power is symbolised in the crosses of St George, Saint Andrew and Saint Patrick, the Commonwealth star representing the states and territories, and the southern cross, an emblem of our land.

“May our flag continue to enshrine our belief in the importance of membership in the commonwealth, parliamentary democracy, the rule of law, and the friendship with peoples of other nations.

“We pray that this flag of stars and crosses will continue to inspire unity of purpose for all Australians. Give us grace to work together for the welfare of each other and with compassion to serve those in special need. Inspire us with a vision for the future expressing our concern to live in harmony with our families and with people of other cultures. Enable us to extend our love without prejudice to all people everywhere.”

I believe past values do matter, and we must ensure that we work towards a better future for today’s children because they will become the leaders of the next generation.

– Judith Law, Gunnedah

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