After almost five years of building a business from the ground up, Namoi Valley Plumbing Pty Limited was the name change chosen to suit a growing team.

Jake Dawson Plumbing opened in October 2018 and less than five years later the business has expanded enough for a rebrand.

The story begins when Jake was working for a plumbing company which operated at the mines in Muswellbrook where he managed a team.

He knew he was capable of making something of his own.

Gunnedah became the obvious choice to build a business with the history Jake and Dimitty Dawson both had there.

Jake had completed his apprenticeship there and it was also the place where the couple had met.

The first employee on board in 2021 was Sam Tydd who is now a third-year apprentice.

“This year is just getting busier and busier. We took on Jarrod [McLawrence] which is our tradesman from the Hunter Valley. He has been with us since January and we took in Jedd [Rennick] who is our first-year apprentice,” Dimitty said.

After Jedd spent time as a work experience student on the team, he became positive he wanted to start his career with Namoi Valley Plumbing.

Its new shed was bought about 18 months ago upon realising more space was needed than what the backyard could provide.

“We’ve got two trucks running, purchasing a third, potentially putting on another plumber and also we are getting another admin girl who will hopefully start in the next couple of months,” Dimitty said.

After being a sole trader since 2018, it was time to level up with a name change and a company status.

“It has really just grown and kicked off this year,” Dimitty said.

“There is just not enough tradesman in Gunnedah. There is always a need for plumbers.

“Having the extra staff has given us the opportunity to attend to our jobs in a faster time then before which has effectively kept our customers happy.”

Dimitty and Jake Dawson from Namoi Valley Plumbing with their children Ada and Hugh. The Gunnedah-based business has expanded with a new name change.

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