A fully qualified senior aquatic lifeguard and a Royal Life Saving Society trainer and assessor, local pool attendant Cameron McFarlane has reached a significant milestone in educating 50,000 students across NSW and internationally in CPR education.

It was a day of mixed emotions for the popular lifeguard as he launched yet another program last week at Tamworth West Public School where it all began.

“I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams of achieving this milestone,” Cam said.

“I have certainly enjoyed my journey in delivering the NSW CPR program as it is incredibly rewarding knowing many young lives are now equipped with a vital lifesaving skill that will hopefully never have to be applied.”

Humble about accepting personal praise for his years of volunteer work, Cam is quick to shift the accolades to the CPR awareness program he designed and developed for schools.

“This program is fully supported by the Royal Lifesaving Society, to try and combat the rise of drowning statistics and forge this vital skill into our primary schools,” Cameron said.

Cameron McFarlane demonstration CPR on a mannequin.

“The program also ensures all students have a sound understanding and knowledge on how to perform an emergency response plan in a time of need – CPR can and does save lives.”

Cam has also extended appreciation to sponsors Rotary and the Royal Life Saving Society that has heavily supported him and the NSW program since it began in 2011.

In November 2018 Cameron took his program to Vietnam where the death rate from drowning is exceedingly high. This fully sponsored program was delivered to 15 primary schools in HUE, Central Vietnam covering more than 850 primary school students, teachers and lifeguards and now it is recognised internationally.

“I have also been very fortunate to be supported by all my family and friends in keeping my spirits alive and not to mention the amazing people I have met in my travels,” Cam said.

“A big shout out to all my contacts on Facebook for all the lovely and supportive messages – I hope my legacy will continue to inspire and encourage all community members in learning this simple but vital lifesaving skill that can potentially save many lives – as it has for me.”

The program has now won two NSW state awards – the NSW Royal Life Saving Russell Crane Cup and The Award of Excellence from the Aquatic and Recreation Institute.

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