I would like to support Leonie Harley’s letter that we retain the historical sheep yards.

The structure is supported by Ironbark posts.

These posts are in excellent condition except for four that could be replaced but are in no danger of collapse.

These posts are much stronger than rolled steel.

The termite white ants have in no way effected the posts.

They have travelled over the posts looking for dry softwood because of the previous wet years.

They do not attack Ironbark or White Cypress Pine.

The bearers, rafters and roofing battens are heavy White Cyprus Pine.

The iron roof is galvanised iron and would need to be checked.

The Cypress flashing at the end of the shed needs to be replaced.

The shed has no guttering.

It needs this do drain the water away from the shed.

The fencing around the shed needs to be replaced.

The steel pipe panels are in good condition and can be reused.

We would be able to supply any White Cypress Pine and Ironbark from our farm forest.

This could save the showground money.

Tom Fearby

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