Gunnedah South Public School’s leaders of tomorrow were offered a gentle introduction to ‘big school’ during kindergarten transition week.

Last Friday was the first of six transition lessons – three half days and three full days – to be undertaken by the school’s future students.

During these lessons, students have been split up into three groups and will stay in these groups for the duration of the transition, allowing extra time to forge new friendships ahead of start of kindergarten next year.

As part of their school orientation, this year’s transition cohort has been provided with their own ‘Kindy in Training’ t-shirt to help make them feel part of the school community.

During transition, groups rotate around the different kindergarten teachers, allowing teachers and students to get to know each other.

Deputy principal Lynda Heath said the school has students from year 5 also supporting the kindergarten students during transition.

“These students will be their year 6 buddies next year and continue supporting their experience and education while at school,” she said.

“These two groups of students have already started developing a good connection as we had many visits to preschools last term where year 5 started to meet and get to know our future kindergarten students.

“Our transition lessons include quality lessons and are designed so that teachers can introduce our school routine and expectations to students in a fun and engaging way.

“Teachers closely observe students and take notes on their individual interests, ability levels and skills – this will assist teachers at the start of 2024 to program lessons that will meet the needs of our individual students.”

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