The Tambar Springs’ community were in the Halloween spirit on Sunday with many gathering for trick or treating.

Children hand in hand with their parents dressed in their spookiest attire travelled from the general store to around the village seeking a treat.

“A lot of the families came, not just in the village but also the surrounding villages,” Shirley Lundie-Jenkins said.

It had previously been held in the last few years but it continues to gain more momentum and support each year.

It was a well-received event with about 40 people involved.

“It was lovely to see them altogether,” said Ms Lundie-Jenkins, “it is like the community spirit is coming together again.”

The community had a busy day with markets in the morning before heading home to change into costumes.

It was truly an event enjoyed by all with the youngest participant being a 15-month-old.

Mel Lewington and Wendy Metcalfe coordinated the event in conjunction with parents and households were stocked with treats for children.

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