Pink Up Gunnedah volunteers were outside Meals on Wheels with an impressive display of pink for a mini market on Sunday.

Gunnedah Lions Club, The Uke-Alypts, Jess Irwin with her coffee van and members of the community were eager to assist in raising money for cancer patients.

The lions club fired up the barbecue and at the last moment Jess Irwin and her coffee van stepped up.

Both were welcomed by volunteers and passersby for a ‘pick-me-up’ on a rainy Sunday morning.

Pink Up Gunnedah started working with the McGrath Foundation five years ago and after a temporary break due to COVID, it is back up and raising money.

Half of the money raised will go to Gunnedah cancer patients, in particular breast cancer.

The rest will go to the McGrath Foundation for breast cancer nurses.

Colleen Fuller was at the forefront organising and setting up the market day.

“Our towns are regional towns, which struggle and the ongoing cost of cancer treatment is really enormous. Typically we [help with] lymphatic drainage,” Ms Fuller said.

“It saves them an enormous amount of money, it costs about $150 per treatment. So to be able to do that for people in Gunnedah is a really big help,” Ms Fuller said.

“We are happy to help others as well and I know there are ladies in Gunnedah who have breast cancer and we will support them as much as we can.

“Other people take on certain people and that is great if you can do [that] but we will always donate to that person as well, so nobody gets left out.”

Plenty of baked goods, jams and pickles were up for sale along with multiple home items.

Last month Pink Up Gunnedah held a cake stand that raised $1700.

“Every $100 [raised] is another person we can help,” Ms Fuller said.

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