I am confused how so many academics, big companies and big banks wasted millions of tax-payers’ money on the so called failed referendum and lies that were told that these so-called academics.

The answer was a definite no.

I have written many times about the millions of dollars wasted on Aboriginal organisations. Where has all this money gone and how was it spent? I can tell you from my experiences, money doesn’t go to the disadvantaged and low socioeconomic poor people who have no income and only a very small income. Only family members are advantaged. Aboriginal people are their worst enemies, won’t assimilate with one another, infighting, reconciliation is a joke, it’s all about money.

These Aboriginal academics have had direct, informed input to government on how best to spend the billions of dollars invested by taxpayers to improving Aboriginal people’s lives. What makes the voice believe that another bureaucracy can solve problems – it can’t and never will.

We already have multiple voices in peak bodies and hundreds of other agencies, including the NIAA (National Indigenous Australians Agency) with an annual budget of $4.5 billion and 1400 staff who specifically provide material support for Aboriginals.

I along with Jacinta Price and Warren Mundine want accountability first, and making sure organisations and land councils are open and have transparent dealings in relation to public money. Charge offenders or jail them. Maladministration, misappropriation and nepotism have been allowed to flourish without scrutiny so what are these so-called educated individuals going to do to turn this massive problem around. They have had years to provide open and honest transparent dealing in relation to public money but have failed very badly, using Aboriginal culture to get what they want.

The seven-day mourning and the Aboriginal flag at half mast is laughable because the Aboriginal people were paid on full pay in Queensland. Come on Australia, wake up.

Blind Freddy can see if money leaves Canberra, nothing changes on the ground, those in the middle take it instead.

I agree every dollar of Aboriginal funding should be subject to a rigorous audit. Accountability should be restored along with truth telling and scrutiny.

Gwen Griffen, Gunnedah

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