Hey everyone, I’m Dr Bec. I’ve got this fancy title called a PhD in plant science, which basically means I’m a bit of a plant expert.

You can find me doing my science magic at the University of Sydney plant breeding institute.

I’m a plant breeder, like the matchmaker of the plant world.

My mission?

Upgrading everyday food crops, especially the cool ones like wheat, so they can handle all the tough stuff nature throws at them.

Why do I love science so much?

Well, it’s my tool to make a positive impact.

I use science to make plants tough enough to deal with all sorts of challenges.

It’s not just about making them stronger; it’s about making our food more nutritious and teaching others how to grow it in a way that’s good for the planet and future generations. Science lets me be a part of something bigger, something that helps people and the world.

Even though plants have a special place in my heart, my curiosity doesn’t stop there.

I’m into all kinds of science adventures!

So, if you’ve got burning questions about science, send them my way.

Let’s explore the wonders of the world together because science isn’t just a subject; it’s a way to make a real difference.

Ask me anything, and let the science journey begin!”

Plant breeder Dr Bec Thistlethwaite will contribute a regular column to the Gunnedah Times on the science in our daily lives. Readers are invited to send their science questions in to Dr Bec via [email protected]

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