Katrina Burgoyne’s show was a hit in Gunnedah but she did not leave her hometown without giving back in the form of a workshop at the Gunnedah Conservatorium.

She addresses topic such as building a music career and the sacrifices it takes, performing overseas, the songwriting creative process, marketing and creating opportunities to play original music.

Students of the workshop had the opportunity to perform for Katrina to receive feedback.

Sixteen-year-old Angus Johns attended the workshop with the intention to learn more from someone in the industry.

The teen is a student learning guitar at the Gunnedah Conservatorium, where he has been developing skills with teacher Joel Pickett.

He said the workshop laid out the realities of supporting yourself with songwriting and performing.

It was useful to him, especially as someone who wishes to have a career in performing music.

“She said that you would be very blessed if you were able to get two to three pub gigs in about a week,” he said.

She introduced them to the intricacies and realities of making a living from music.

“Before then I thought it was just to play and make money but there is a big thing behind it and she said that it was pretty tough for her in the long run.”

Katrina moved from Gunnedah to Nashville to make a living from her music but it did not happen without struggles along the way.

She told the Gunnedah Times about those struggles during a previous interview.

“I remember being in high school and having some people laugh at me when I said that I wanted to move to Nashville,” she said.

“Coming from a small town, just to move to a big city like Brisbane or Sydney it seems like a big feat.

“So, to add [that, I wanted] to move to Nashville, Tennessee, on the other side of the world. It took me a long time procrastinating, of thinking I could not do it, of figuring out how I was going to afford to do it, how I was going to get a visa. All the hurdles that come into moving overseas and figuring out how to follow that dream.”

In Angus’ eyes, she has succeeded.

“She has made it, I reckon, she is up there pretty good,” he said.

“She was very easy to talk to and she is a very nice person.

“You obviously need to have your dreams, need to reach for the stars.

“Her guitar playing is really cool and so is her singing.

“She is an excellent singer and she just made up little songs on the spot and that was really clever.”

Angus envisions himself taking on pub gigs in the future but also hopefully being successful enough to do larger tours.

“I want to perform, that is all I want to do. I am not the best at writing stuff, just playing.”

“I love rock, I play the guitar and I sing a little bit,” he said.

“I started late 2020 and I haven’t stopped, [the conservatorium] has really helped.”

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