Wednesday, January 10, had about 40 children and teens sign up for a rugby school holiday camp at Gunnedah’s Rugby Park.

The holiday camps have been a part of Gunnedah’s school holidays for a few years now and are sponsored by Rugby For Good.

NSW Rugby development officer Steph Lennon oversaw the camp.

“We had a great turn out of girls, especially towards the older 12-and-up age groups, which is really good to see as that is where the game is growing,” she said.

“Hopefully they get a lot out of [the camp].

“I think it is a really good turn out considering our last camp only had eight.”

The children were split into junior and senior groups to hone in on skills for their age category.

Those taking part practised basic skills such as passing and tackle techniques along with game and vision space identifying.

Children had the opportunity to identify the techniques or concerns they wanted to concentrate on during the camp.

Lennon mentioned that it is also a chance to teach techniques to children who need to upskill for their age category.

“Especially with age groups like 15s, they don’t lift from shorts anymore in a lineout but 16s can lift from the legs,” Lennon said.

“Stuff like that we can teach the kids coming into the new season.

“It was an absolute success and we are really happy and I will make sure there is more to come.”

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