It seems to me some people are hell bent on destroying the history in this country. Every year as Australia Day approaches, some idiots go around destroying statues, spray painting monuments. These people do this at night because they are gutless. Now as for Captain Cook, he didn’t settle or invade this country, he mapped and chartered the Australia coastline in the year 1770. Captain Arthur Phillip arrived here in 1788 with the first fleet and that’s when Australia was first settled. Captain Cook had nothing to do with settling here. Remember you would have had nothing if it wasn’t for the white man. I almost forgot, at one of the rallies in Melbourne, the white men were referred to with expletives and you want them to respect the First Nation’s culture? That works both ways. And when you have a government like we have at the moment that doesn’t have the crackers to pull these people into line, that will never happen. To the Aussies who “love” our country, like my family and I, don’t give up your heritage.

Wayne Selway, Gunnedah

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