In a heartening display of community engagement and mutual appreciation, participants from Gunnedah Workshop Enterprises were privileged to embark on a memorable tour of the local police station.

The disability support service is a regular visitor at service organisations and businesses across Gunnedah.

From the moment the participants stepped foot into the Gunnedah Police Station, they were met with warmth and hospitality from the officers. For some, what could have been an intimidating environment quickly transformed into a welcoming space where questions were encouraged and conversations flowed freely.

As the tour unfolded, participants had the opportunity to witness firsthand the myriad roles and responsibilities law enforcement officers shouldered daily. From the holding cells to the police cars, every aspect of the station provided insight into the challenges and triumphs of police work.

The most memorable aspect of the tour was the sense of appreciation that permeated every interaction. Participants were quick to express their gratitude for the tireless work carried out by the police force, acknowledging the sacrifices made and the risks taken to keep the communities safe.

For many participants, the tour served as a powerful reminder of the invaluable role that law enforcement plays in society. From responding to emergencies to building relationships with the community, the participants gained a newfound appreciation for the dedication and professionalism of the officers.

As the tour ended, there was a palpable sense of camaraderie and goodwill among all who had participated. For Gunnedah Workshop Enterprises, the experience was about building bridges between different sectors of society and fostering a sense of unity and mutual respect within the community.

Gunnedah Workshop Enterprises’ support worker Sam Sims said the participants had a great morning seeing what local police do in the community.

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