G’day Gunnedah and thank you for continuing to support the Gunnedah Times.

After a long, hot, sweltering summer I know it’s a relief for many to be welcoming the autumn months tomorrow and I know farmers are hoping for a bit more rain to fall over the paddocks for their winter crop.

While we can’t control the weather, we can force the government to focus on our regions and it was great to see Sarah Mitchell and our Nationals colleagues in the NSW Parliament last week holding the Minister for Agriculture and the Minister for Police to account.

We need a government who understands the regions and the feedback I’ve been getting from farmers, local government and the community is that this government just doesn’t understand the regions.

The NSW Nationals have been backing country mayors’ calls for a rural crime inquiry, and it seems this government just isn’t interested in hearing the concerns from our regions.

That’s why I’m working hard in the NSW Parliament to raise our region’s issues and ensure we are heard.

If you have any issue that is concerning you, please let me know so I can advocate on your behalf. You can contact my office by email at [email protected] or by phone on 6766 1422.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to travel throughout our region to hear directly from those who need their voice heard and I’ll look forward to hearing the voice of Gunnedah.

Just recently, I was in town to hear from the local police association on their concerns with resourcing, and from the council regarding a range of concerns, including a lack of funding from the Labor government.

On just Monday, I had the honour of being in Gunnedah for the St Xavier’s school leadership team induction ceremony alongside students, teachers, and parents.

It was no doubt an incredibly proud day for those students who have leadership roles this year. Leadership is a great honour, and a great responsibility and I am confident that the leaders at St Xavier’s are ready and willing to tackle their new roles head on.

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