Courtney Watson with her girls, Ella and Lucy and older sister Chloe.

Boggabri Joey’s Playgroup is a family friendly group who have the rare and amazing honour of having three sets of twins as members in 2024.

Two sets of girls and one set of boy and girl twins.

No-one knows if it has ever happened before, however, people are saying how wonderful and amazing it is for the small Boggabri Joey’s Playgroup.

The group meet each fortnight on Monday of the school term.

This term they have welcomed new members as well as returning members.

Imagine the excitement when they realised that they have three sets of twins in the group of up to 20 children who attend.

Three sets of twins: Back, Travis, Deb and Zoe Martin, front Courtney Watson with Ella and Lucy, Katie Norsworthy with Tori and Halie Kember.

The children in the group vary in age from three-weeks to four-years-old.

The parents fundraise so that playgroup is free to attend.

The only requirement is morning tea, hat and water bottle.

From the fundraising, which included a movie night, fashion parade, picture products, cooking Lions Club barbecues, cake stall, the group have been able to refresh the sandpit, repaint, re-floor and snake proof the cubby house and of course provide art, craft and activities at no cost to the families.

In the pipeline for 2024 is a kids’ disco, cake stall and morning tea at a Drovers activity.

When the Gunnedah Times visited, only two sets were present but the atmosphere of fun and support were evident.

Tori and Hailie Kember.

Courtney Watson lives in Gunnedah, and joined the Boggabri Joey’s Playgroup not knowing that she would have other mums with twins to interact with and share knowledge and experiences.

Identical twins Ella and Lucy are five-months-old and have an older sister Chloe who is two-years-old.

Deb Martin is the mother of two-and-a-half-year-old twins, Travis and Zoe.

Deb said: “actually, sometimes I think it’s easier to have twins as they play together and we do things and only have to do it once.”

Travis and Zoe have an older sister Matilda, who is in Year 5 at school.

Katie Norsworthy and her 12-month-old twins, Tori and Hailie Kember were unavailable on Monday for photos.

Young Ollie Kemp asked his Mum if he could have his photo taken and his Mum said: “no Ollie, you are not a twin”, to which he had the saddest face, so I took a photo and the attached photo is especially for you Ollie.

Ollie Kemp.

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