Once again there is a push to bring Queensland and NSW into the same time zone by introducing daylight saving to Queensland. For the past 25 years members of Citizens Against Daylight Saving (CADS) have joined forces to stop daylight saving. In fact, many of our members have moved to Queensland and have continued the battle from over the border.

City people, who are mostly DLS supporters, moving to Queensland, want daylight saving even though they know country people do not.

Citizens Against Daylight Saving have known for 25 years that once daylight saving is legislated for this state it will become a reality that daylight saving will be brought in for the entire year.

If and when this happens, nothing can be done to reinstate Eastern Standard Time (EST). For more than 20 years we have compiled valid evidence and research shows that changing the body clock every six months is not safe for humans or animals (Source: Monash University). It disrupts their and our body clocks, increases mental health issues and increases the road tolls daily. CADS has lobbied for a four-year trial with no daylight saving for younger people to decide what they want for their future.

I urge you to contact our local Member of Parliament to voice your concerns.

Judith Law, Gunnedah, Citizens Against Daylight Saving

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