On Friday, April 5, the Gunnedah Conservatorium and Gunnedah Chamber of Commerce hosted a women’s breakfast meeting at The Civic.

The subject was “I am enough, and this is my time to shine: why women self sabotage, and how to stop it”. The guest speaker was Sally Wilson who was introduced by the director of the Conservatorium, Rebecca Ryan.

Sally has had an accomplished career as an opera singer and has performed around the world. However, after a career that spanned 20 years, when singing Carmen, on stage in Switzerland, wearing red stilettos, she reached a watershed moment that changed her life. She had an epiphany that this was not the life for her anymore, she realised that her success and the admiration people had for her, came from what she was doing, not who she was, and so she took a step back from performing.

For Sally it was a matter of finding what were her drivers and proving she was enough. Sally’s talk was inspirational, focused on positivity and an appreciation of who we are and our version of shining, which should go from the inside out, not the other way around. “I see women looking for appreciation, validation, connection, support, responsiveness and approval,” she said. “It becomes a need and when the source of the approval goes, we’re in trouble. We need to be our own cheerleaders, we urge others on, why shouldn’t we do the same for ourselves?”

The event was well attended by an appreciative audience of women from various professions, backgrounds, interests and ages who acknowledged that the Gunnedah Conservatorium and the Gunnedah Chamber of Commerce had provided an interesting opportunity to meet with others, enjoy a delicious breakfast and to learn.

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