Hundreds of entries were recorded in the Gunnedah Show’s agricultural judging sections from the shire and beyond during Friday and Saturday.

Friday lined up the junior judging which was split into two sections – sheep, poultry and wool and separate was cattle judging.

About 100 students entered which cattle steward Mel Bartlett said was a great show.

The highest combined points scorer for the sheep, poultry and wool section was Jack Morris while in second was Harry McKenzie and third Leila Harris. Highly commended went to Oliver Cameron and Chloe Smith.

The young judge champion for the cattle section was Isabell Kesby and reserve champion Molly Klasen.

Local entrant for the Saturday, Stephen Vincent, was impressed by the dedication of the junior judging.

“I was so impressed I was here for a short time but they were here all day and they are back again here today to do the cattle side,” Stephen said.

He has been participating in the show for about the last decade and was pleased with the turnout for the Saturday as well.

“It [was] a beautiful day to have a social outing, and have agricultural products represented and promoted.”

Stephen Vincent with the five cattle he placed in the show on Saturday. The calf in the middle may be recognised as a subject the winning photo of 2023 ‘Capturing the Spirit of the Show’ competition.

Judges for the Saturday were Mitchell Taylor, who was winner of the Sydney Royal Easter Show’s beef champion junior judging and his sister Emily Taylor was the champion junior judge in the grain section, and reserve champion junior judge for fruit and vegetables.

More than 40 entries across the stud cattle section were judged on Saturday.

“We had a good mix of breeds Brahmans, Santa Gertrudis, Angus, Limousins, Murray Greys, Herefords, a great mix,” Mel said.

“We were really thrilled with the numbers and we are super grateful to all our competitors for making an effort to come in and compete and to our sponsors as well.”

The Gunnedah Show’s poultry judging had a wide variety of entries this year covering some of the hundreds of different breeds of feathery friends.

This year featured 324 entries which was an increase of about 60 more than the previous year.

Secretary of the Gunnedah Poultry Club and convenor of the animal nursery and the poultry section, Janice Mammen, was happy to report a further increase in junior entrants this year.

“We have kind of accommodated an extra few more classes for the juniors, just to make sure everyone has got a bit of a spread,” she said.

“Everyone gets a card, everyone gets a ribbon because it is a lot of work for them to put their fowls in, and waterfowl as well,” Janice said.

When asked why she thought there were so many young entrants, Janice was not too sure but said it could be because people are cluing in to the benefits of chooks.

“Everyone wants their own eggs and things like that so why not have a good chook the children can put in an ag show,” she said.

“And they are such a good animal for kids.”

With the wide variety of fowls, there was likely something for everyone.

“Anything that has something interesting about it, I personally like. But everyone is different,” Janice said.

“Our son likes anything that is a buff colour, which is like a caramel colour. Our daughter likes anything that has a splash or something through the feathers that are a little bit different. She likes the softer feather.

“It is just individual and I think that is part of the reason why people like poultry.

“You can have your own breed and there are so many to choose from. If you have got something you like and you are passionate about, you can breed it to a standard.”

Janice mentioned the Gunnedah Show caters for a wide variety of interests and yet she finds it is successful in bringing different people together.

“I think it is really nice to see the community come together,” she said.

“Lots of people are doing lots of different sections.

“I think it is nice that people are across different things and the ag show is for everybody.

“It is every year, once a year and it is what we do in agriculture for everyone.”

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