OPINION: It is a tragedy whenever we lose someone so young and the Gunnedah community is grieving for the loss of another – Eli Kelly.

At just 21 years young, Eli had his whole life ahead of him – a loving family, a partner he adored, a career with much potential. All that was indiscriminately cut short in an instant, gone in a blink.

Life can be cruel in so many ways, often with answers to questions known only to the heavens.

For the rest of us still here, still breathing, it can make us rethink our place in the world.

It gives new meaning to our purpose and sharpens our focus on the people we love.

Hold close those dearest, love unconditionally, cherish our time together and take nothing for granted.

We may never know when our time is up, so best make good of the present and be grateful for all we have.

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