Nothing reminds people that winter is here more than a cold, rainy day. June started exactly that way when Saturday reached 64 mm in 24 hours to 9am with a maximum of 14.9 °C at Gunnedah Airport.

Within the first day, June had already reached the most amount of rain in a month for 2024, which was previously held by April at 63.4 mm according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

It was also the most amount of rain in 24 hours recorded at Gunnedah Airport for 2024.

The rain picked back up on Sunday starting at 2.30pm and finished at about 4.30pm, finishing the day with 10.4 mm.

Just three days into June and Gunnedah Airport had already received 81.8 mm of rain.

There is a likelihood of seeing some rain again for this week on Friday and Saturday, with an expected 60 per cent chance of rain with a possible 0 – 2 mm expected for the North West Slopes and Plains.

This week began with thick morning fog on Monday. People will likely continue to wake up with fog, as it is forecast for the rest of the week.

Most of Australia is predicted to have an average rainfall for the winter months.

The historical rainfall median for June in Gunnedah is 40.3 mm (with data collected from 1981 – 2018) while the June to August period is 131.2 mm.

Chances are the cold will not drop below the negatives for the rest of the week with Saturday’s minimum predicted at 7°C.

Despite everyone feeling the chill, this winter’s maximum and minimum temperatures have an 80 per cent chance of being above the average for most of Australia. There is an increased chance of unusually high maximum and minimum temperatures but for those in eastern, southern and far north Australia, it is four times more likely.

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