Elysian Performing Arts Dance Studio recently held an exhilarating mid-year dance concert, featuring all talented dancers under the expert guidance of instructor Ang Denham. The event was a double header, offering two distinct shows in one memorable afternoon.

The first segment, titled Rotten to the Core, drew inspiration from the popular ‘Descendants’ trilogy. This energetic performance included dancers ranging from young children, just 3 years old, to 17, showcasing their skills and enthusiasm.

The second segment, a contemporary show named Mysterious World, was performed by the studio’s senior dancers. This captivating performance took the audience on a mystical journey through earth and space, sparking imagination and wonder.

Denham said the highlight was “seeing the dancers onstage, giving it all that they’ve got and loving every minute of it”.

Elysian alumni Toby Bartlett and Josie Gallagher returned as part of the backstage team to lend a hand and inspire the younger dancers.

It was an afternoon filled with captivating choreography, spectacular lighting and effects, talented dancers, and an audience of proud family and friends. A showcase that beautifully highlighted the local talent within the community.

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