Gunnedah had a wet start to the week, when the area experienced rain on Monday and Tuesday measuring 29.4 mm at Gunnedah Airport.

The rain started at about 8am on Monday and continued until about 12pm, with a few hours break according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

The rain resumed at about 5.30pm and continued throughout the night.

Gunnedah Airport had recorded 27 mm to 9am on Tuesday morning with rain continuing for a few more hours.

An unofficial report collected 20mm on Tuesday morning and a further 7mm a few hours later.

Cold temperatures also paired with the rain, the lowest temperature on Monday being recorded at 9.4°C at 2.30am and the highest reaching to 15.3°C 12 hours later.

There is a 30 per cent chance of rain on Friday with only a 0-1 mm possible rainfall.

Saturday will also have a small chance of showers and light winds.

NSW has a 60-80 per cent chance of seeing above-average rainfall from July to September, especially for this month.

Gunnedah has a historical median of receiving 41.4mm of rain during July according to the BOM website.

Carroll has a historical median of 35.5 mm while Curlewis has a 40.9 mm median.

The coldest day this week is still to come, with BOM forecasting Sunday to have a top of 14°C with a 3°C minimum in Gunnedah

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