Karen Carter Chemist has embraced the new era of technology, employing not one robot, but two.

Robots ‘Regina’ and ‘Rosie’ have been in operation since 2019, allowing staff to spend more quality time with patients, while increasing the efficiency of dispensing. 

‘Regina’ the robot operates behind the pharmacy counter, with the BD Rowa Vmax machine able to sort and put away boxes of medications and source the required medications pharmacists need when dispensing to clients.

‘Rosie’ the robot packs pills into webster packs out the back, with the wave of a simple barcode under the scanner telling the machine what pills are needed. 

Business owner, Karen Carter, said the robots have been a fantastic investment.

“It is technology we first saw in 2018 and we thought it would make the business more efficient,” she said.

“We are embracing technology. There is more accuracy with the barcodes, they make unpacking orders easy and enable us to be a leading, forward-thinking pharmacy dispensary. They make the dispensing process more streamlined, stock management easier and help to save time.

“We are waiting for the barcodes to have expiry dates, with the technology still in Europe. The robots do not replace or take the job of staff, but complement and ensure staff can spend more valuable time with clients.” 

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