Kenneth Howes, chartered accountant, writes to the Gunnedah Times:

Our electricity supplier wrote last month to say our moon (night) rate was rising from 9c to 29c a unit.

The monthly bill went from $600 to $1200. That is monthly not quarterly.

I just received last month’s bill rate charged at 48c a unit – that’s 9c to 48c in two months – $600 to $2246 for the month.  

And we have a solar system.

This is gouging by the electricity companies and bulk suppliers.

If you are silly enough to believe it will get better with green energy you are badly misguided.

Add increased mortgage costs, petrol, food, costs of building materials – Australia, we have trouble.

Any employee who believes a $100 rise less $40 tax net $60 is going to compensate for $100 inflation costs needs to study math.

Repeat of the Whitlam period ‘my public servants will be the best paid public servants’.

Followed by galloping house prices and later still the world’s best treasurer with his 18 per cent interest rates and the recession ‘we had to have’. 

How can we let them do this to us again?  

The Reserve Bank is a joke.

Inflation is not caused by over-spending, it is supply shortages.

COVID, floods and war in Europe – no amount of interest rate rise is going to stop it.

Ten years of artificially low interest rates and three increases in three months. Absolute rubbish.

Staff shortages would be helped if the amount of personal exertion income before pension is affected were to be increased from $300 a fortnight to $1000 a fortnight.

Give the aged some dignity and purpose. 

Change the laws. 

The major shortage of housing is a result of penal, outdated rules that discourage people from being able to and wanting to share existing facilities.

The social benefits of sharing are massive.

Even helping aged population to stay out of aged care facilities. 

It needs a complete rethink. 

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