Gunnedah Motoring Enthusiasts hosted round six of the NSW Hillclimb Championships recently, with the weekend hailed as a resounding success.

Event secretary Geoff Hood said the feedback he has received from competitors has been overwhelmingly positive. 

“We have received phone calls and emails from competitors praising the track and the town of Gunnedah,” Hood said.

“There was a lot of hard work that went on behind the scenes, so it was fantastic to run such a successful and positive weekend, despite the bad weather on the Saturday.”

Hood said while there are many things that can go wrong at events, nothing major occurred.

“There were no major accidents or incidents, reflecting the driving skill of all entrants,” he said.

“Competitors were very impressed with the testing high speed of the Apex Drive course as well as the friendly nature of Gunnedah.

“The Saturday evening informal function at the Railway Hotel was well received, with two competitors from 1971 and the son of a former 1971 entrant cutting the celebratory 50th anniversary state round competition cake.

“Dean Tighe of Queensland clocked fastest time of the day, breaking the Apex Drive track record of 25.52 seconds twice, with 25.19 seconds on run three and 24.55 seconds on run four where he reached 199 kilometres per hour at Little Porky carpark.”

Competitor Peter Akers, who competed in his 96’ Subaru WRX, said it was a great event.

“The track was an absolute blast,” Akers said.

“It was a true driver and car experience with a lot of wide open throttle,  fast, undulating corners.

“I am looking forward to coming back.”

2022 NSW Hillclimb Championship, Gunnedah round results:
Dean Tighe 24.55 run four, Dave Morrow 28.63 run three, Warren Bell 29.81 run two, Luca Cox 30.15 run four, David Isaacs 30.48 run one, Alastair Bell 30.83 run four, Andrew Fraser 31.10 run four, Brian Cox 31.36 run four, Greg Jones 31.45 run 3, Alan Barnes 31.78 run four, Peter Akers 32.13 run three, Colin Mayman 32.32 run four, David Hussey 32.57 run three, Michael Fraser 32.71 run four, Riley Macqueen 32.80 run four, Robert Bell 32.96 run four, John Gilbert 33.11 run three, Terry Lanesbury 33.39 run four, Craig Klingbiel 33.64 run four, Alan Hunt 33.78 run four, Harry Doling 33.98 run four, Geoff Brisby 34.06 run one, Chris Tait 34.11 run four, Nathan Monkhouse 34.21 run three, Rick Patterson 34.53 run three, Paul Zibbens 34.85 run two, Ian Chantry 35.10 run four, Ben Brown 35.31 run four, Katie Slingsby 35.40 run two, Rick Yates 36.14 run four, John Engisch 36.62 run three, Laurie Pascoe 36.69 run three, Allison Monkhouse 36.80 run three, Russell West 37.60 run three, Brad Goulding 38.30 run three, Grant Liddell 38.51 run four, Nathan Apps 39.01 run four, Bob Wootton 39.30 run three, Gwyn Mulholland 39.52 run four, Bill Pearson 39.75 run four, Cameron Brown 39.84 run four, James Graham 40.38 run four, David Garth 42.29 run four, Louise Hayes 1:19.53 run one. 

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