David Battherham was about half way through an almost 1800km charity ride when he overnighted in Gunnedah last week.

The Goondiwindi native is returning from Griffith on the epic ride which is all in the name of charity.

“It’s for dementia awareness but also raising money to find a cure – my mum has dementia, so that’s why I’m doing it,” Batterham said.

He stopped at local bike shop Turner’s Cycles while in town and said roads have been fine although wet – very wet – so much so that it has already extended his journey by almost 100km.

“I have been though a lot of rain, a lot of water – had to jump off the bike a few times and push it through flood water,” he said.

“The ride is 1700km in total but we’ve already added 90km to get around some flood water. 

“Who knows, it could be up to 2000km by the time we finish.”

This is the second charity ride he has completed after a 1500km return journey from Goondiwindi and Charleville last year. 

During that ride, he was shocked by how many families had been touched by dementia.

When not traversing the state on two wheels, Batterham works for a Goondiwindi earthmoving business. 

He was able to squeeze in a few hours training “on the exercise bike” in between shifts.

This ride is not yet over but he is already fielding offers for charity rides even further afield in the 

“I have been asked to ride to Katherine from Goondiwindi – that’s 3000km,” he said.

“This is my holidays, I take a month off. 

“Next year I hope my wife will come along.”

We are yet to hear if his wife has confirmed her attendance.

Mr Batterham hoped to raise more awareness for people living with dementia during the remainder of his journey.

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