With the weather warming up, there is an increase in pest activity, including the African lawn beetle and army web worms, known for causing damage to lawns.

CH Pest Solutions founder and owner Courtney Hubble said the larvae and the beetles eat the roots and damage the root crown.

“They are prevalent this time of the year,” Mr Hubble said.

“The huge amount of water in the region is also putting extra stress on lawns, just like a drought, making them more susceptible to pests, which is what we are seeing.”

CH Pest Solutions can treat residential and commercial premises, using granular insecticides applied before rain, providing six months of coverage.

“The new insecticides are much safer than the older ones,” Mr Hubble said. 

“You can tell if you have web worms by the silken mess they leave on lawns before they cocoon and turn into a moth.

“You can often see adult beetles emerge from lawns, with lawns become brittle and yellow in colour as they get damaged. 

“The wet weather is driving pests out of hides, which is leading to an increase in activity, resulting in lawns deteriorating.” 

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