Judith Law of Gunnedah
Citizens Against Daylight Saving writes:

This letter was to be conceding defeat on derailing daylight saving but not so, after receiving the information that was sent to me on Saturday from a family member via Monash University about the negative effects of daylight saving.

I also found the original ballot paper which did not define that summer was three months December, January and February. This raised concern that it gave full power to the parliament to extended daylight saving at their will.  

A committee was formed in Gunnedah in 1996 in the theatre room at the Gunnedah Town Hall. It was well attended, and our policy was formed by concerned audiences. We then joined other groups under different banners, we also protested to NSW Premier Bob Carr (Labor) about proposing extensions to daylight saving. Our ballot concerns for people living beyond Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong were completely ignored but we had support from the border of Queensland, Tweed Heads and Coolangatta.

Also in 1996, we learnt that the real agenda for daylight saving was controlled by the EU European Union all over the world to bring daylight saving in permanently.  

In Australia in 2021, on the 50th anniversary of the introduction of daylight saving in 1971, Queensland was the only state pushing to stop daylight saving coming in for the whole year. The fact that 10,000 signatures, which were calling for just one month of daylight saving, on behalf of the Citizens Against Daylight Savings (CADS) failed to be presented to the parliament, was the reason why I was feeling defeated but no more.  

The evidence that I have found shows that we have all been deceived and that we have all been betrayed. We have full medical evidence that must be investigated for those who have suffered the effects of daylight saving, especially children and adults who must take melatonin to reset their body clocks. Our members have remained silent but so supportive in continuing the battle for which we humbly thank them.  

When it finishes on April 2, we need a four-year trial without daylight saving, it is only fair after 50 years. The battle continues.

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