The sound of Gunnedah’s musical talents could be heard along the main street, as the town took advantage of ‘Make Music Day’.

The day originated in France as Fête de la Musique and has become internationally celebrated.

It encouraged people of all skill levels to perform purely for community enjoyment.

Leading the local celebrations was the Gunnedah Conservatorium which had lived up to the message of the day by contributing music from morning until evening.

The Gunnedah Chamber of Commerce had its periodic get-together of breakfast and networking except it came with music performed by Joel Pickett.

Rebecca Ryan and a Conservatorium student spoke about the organisation’s role and the experience of its students.

The morning did not end without some ‘call and response’ vocal warmups for the attendees led by Meg Clowes. 

The day continued from there, with groups and individuals performing at local businesses and organisations.

At cafes were Carinya Christian School band and Joel playing guitar for locals sipping on coffees.

Gunnedah’s ukulele group, The Ukelypts, performed at the train station as a homage to the history of buskers at stations.

Added to this year’s roster was a sing-a-long at Oak Tree Retirement Village with live music performed by Meg Clowes and Dominic Goodwin-Hauck.

The highlight of the day was the community stage.

The Smithurst Theatre’s courtyard had multiple community groups and individual performers contributing their unique style of music.

An all-girl band from Gunnedah High School, as well as the community choir and the Ukelypts also joined the stage.

Among the performances was the group playing the angklung, a musical instrument originating in Indonesia.

The Gunnedah Conservatorium chose to extend the performances to after school hours so all ages could enjoy the music on the main street. 

“I just [hoped] that people came along and enjoyed the experience of sharing music,” Meg Clowes said.

“I think that people take for granted the power of music and how it can make you feel [and] how it can change your mood.” 

Gunnedah High School Girl Band performing Smells Like Teen Spirit.  Rochelle Costello, Azaria Murray, Milla Petersen and Haylee Turner.

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