Not many young people are fortunate to study financial literacy before high school ends.

A handful of Gunnedah’s high school students received that opportunity last week as they were taught by mentors from the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship during a two-day program.

The Department of Regional NSW supported the program for Aboriginal students in Gunnedah.

Students from the Gunnedah High School and St Mary’s College attended the entrepreneurial program. 

The program was created to give financial education and encourage students to consider how to use their skills for better employment.

The two days of learning taught students about tax, budgeting and differences between wants and needs.

Deputy mayor Rob Hooke congratulated the students at the certificate ceremony on completing the program.

He mentioned how well engaged the students were with the course work.

Kayleb Waters-Sampson had co-designed and co-delivered the program with the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship. 

He is a mentor for the Gomeroi Culture Academy and founder of his business, Ngurrambaa.

His work gave insight into how students could use their own skills for entrepreneurship or more meaningful employment. 

Gunnedah High School year 11 student Taleesha Brain participated in the program.

The aspiring artist was interested in the resources required for planning a business. 

“It really opened my mind and gave me a step-by-step on how to do it and if I wanted to pursue that in my long-term career,” Taleesha said.

She had planned out a budget for selling her paintings including considering costs for items and tax.

“Then we did a short term and long term goal of how to pursue a business in the long run,” she said.

The need for saving and budgeting to achieve financial goals was the main lesson she had taken away from the experience. 

“[The program is] going to help me in saving and budgeting and especially if I want to buy my own house,” Taleesha said.

“I need to budget well, I need to save for bills. I will definitely use everything I have learnt in this program.”

She highlighted the value of learning smart financial decisions and encouraged people of all ages to consider similar programs. 

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