Finding the right boarding school for your child can be an overwhelming process.

Do you listen to the neighbour? Do you send your child to the same school you went to? What if your old school isn’t the right fit for your child? Didn’t go to boarding school yourself? Where do you start!

With close to 100 boarding schools in NSW, ACT and Queensland alone it’s impossible to visit them all, and the decision process can become very stressful.

Let Boarding Schools Expo Australia make that process easier for you.

We host in-person events, online events, a dedicated podcast ‘Destination Boarding’, the Australian Boarding Schools Summit (online) and our regular newsletter and blogs.

All designed to help you and your family find the best boarding school for your child.

We provide information to help your research, and once you’ve made your decision we’re there to help you prepare for your child’s years at boarding school.

Boarding Schools Expo Australia is your number one resource for discovering boarding schools across NSW, and Queensland.

Each school profiles its information, including scholarships and bursaries – detailed and all on one website.

You can create your own shortlist using our new feature and compare your favourite schools side-by-side.

Of course you can head to one of our in-person events to meet the schools – Narrabri is coming up on July 21 and 22 at The Crossing Theatre.

Throughout the year you can visit our online ‘expo’ Boarding Expo 365 (link via our website).

It’s open 365 days of the year to suit you and your family wherever you live.

It culminates with the Australian Boarding Schools Summit in October this year – discussions for parents covering a variety of topics including financial planning, challenging relationships and expectations, building communities away from the places you call home and more.

Whether you’re on the Queensland border, mustering cattle on the northern tablelands or enjoying corporate life on the edge of town – ‘Boarding Expo 365’ will showcase schools right from your kitchen table.

It’s truly ‘Destination Boarding. From wherever you call home.’


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