Gunnedah has a new face to the work health and safety industry in local resident Noel Chalibbulaca. 

Noel’s passion for work health and safety kick-started his journey from Zambia to Australia in hopes to continue bringing a high standard of practice across the world.

The business owner now operates NMC Systems Management Services in Gunnedah.

Noel had studied the job through his engineering background and years of experience in the mining field.

Noel moved to Gunnedah at the end of last year and has been enthusiastic about it.

“I love it here, it is a wonderful place,” he said.

Noel sees it as not only a great place but also a great opportunity.

The decision to open shop in Gunnedah had been an easy one due to the region’s existing mining industry. 

Specialising in work health and safety consulting, systems development, review and control, risk management, work health and safety training and quality auditing, NMC Systems Management Services provides the wealth of knowledge Noel has gained in 10 years of industry experience.

Creating a safe work environment was the catalyst behind opening his business.

“It’s a good thing to be a safety officer. It is a good thing to [operate] work health and safety systems. It is a good thing to administer and it is a good thing to enforce compliance and to do your job with knowledge and skill,” he said.

“That passion has been driving me for the past 10 years.”

Originally from Zambia in Africa, his work gave him experience in the country’s large mining industry.

“You can mine almost about anything there,” he said.

“I know a lot about mining because I was trained in mining for my tertiary education.”

Noel’s work has seen him travel to multiple countries around the world such as South Africa and China.

“I did go to some other countries but then I have also been a part of the team that would evaluate products that were coming in,” he said.

“I would sit and listen to these people as they were introducing their products and evaluate whether that product was suitable, not suitable, acceptable or maybe if there were any changes required.

“Particularly international mining companies that we were working with in Zambia coming from everywhere.”

Noel hopes his passion for the industry will see his business grow.

“If it grows, I will hopefully be offering employment opportunities to local people,” he said.

Noel is hopeful businesses will utilise his expertise.

“All I can ask for is support from the local companies because consultants depend heavily on the jobs they are given by job organisations,” he said.

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