Police attached to Oxley Police District have made several arrests over the past week in relation to a number of serious incidents in and around Gunnedah and continue to conduct investigations into the increase in property crime, in particular break and enter and stolen motor vehicle offences.  

Inspector Michael Wurth of Gunnedah Police said extra resources from outside the Oxley Police District have also been deployed to assist.  

“We have no doubt there are people within the Gunnedah community who can assist police in identifying the persons responsible for these offences and we appeal for them to come forward and provide that information to investigators,” Inspector Wurth said.  

“The talk of vigilantism is also concerning to police and such action is unlawful. Not only may so-called vigilantes have the wrong person, it redirects our resources and time away from investigating other offences.  If you have information to assist our investigations, the best thing to do is come forward and speak with investigators.”

Inspector Wurth also warns against posting speculative comments on social media platforms.  

“Though social media can be a powerful and useful tool, it also has the potential to raise the perception and fear of crime beyond the actual level of crime itself if that information is not from a reliable source,” he said.

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