Residents at Alkira have been busy creating a gift for the public to use which is now ready and on display.

The aged care facility has had its Marquis Street fence updated with a temporary home for previously-loved books.

Street libraries have become an increasingly popular initiative within many communities.

The only key difference with Alkira’s library is the work and care that each resident has put into creating something for the broader community.

Everyone is welcome to trade in their previously-loved books for a new addition to their bookshelf.

The Alkira community plans to have it stocked with books catering for everyone including young children to those well into adulthood.

The maintenance will be carried out by residents who will keep the library fully stocked each day.

Facility manager Katrina Doyle is excited to see people involved with something the Alkira community has made.

“Getting community engagement will be really important for our residents to know that they are contributing to their community,” Ms Doyle said.

“It is really important for us to have our residents still continue to engage with our community and have purpose behind what they do.”

From the woodworking process to the delicate detailed painting on the library box, the work involved almost every resident for the two-month process. It was a joint effort between the McLean Care leisure and lifestyle department and Dementia Australia to engage the residents in a long-term project.

“That was the purpose behind it, to increase the engagement of our residents in day-to-day activity,” Ms Doyle said.

The library provides the opportunity for ongoing enriching activities scheduled into each day.

“It has taken a bit of time to get it done but they are very excited to get it going,” she said.

“I think at least 50 per cent of our resident base have had their hand on this library at some point. So it’s a very community effort from the Alkira community as well as hopefully now broadening out to the Gunnedah community as well,” she said.

The staff at Alkira have dropped the hint to look out for notes written by staff and residents in the library.

Members of the community are also encouraged to leave notes for others stocking up the library.

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