Legacy is celebrating its 100th year in Australia and Gunnedah will soon join other towns in receiving a commemorative plaque.

Towns around the region have proudly displayed new plaques and Gunnedah will see its own by the end of the year.

Money was raised by the ‘Curlewis Anzac group’ and it was hoped the plaque be installed on the Gunnedah cenotaph later this year.

Gunnedah Legacy volunteer numbers have dwindled since its height after World War II and the only legatee is Pat McAdam.

President of the Tamworth branch Greg Roese believes, however, the need for Legacy is “starting to go in a full circle”.

“We are now picking up those from later conflicts, Afghanistan, Iraq, et cetera,” Greg said.

“As things do not go so well for them, we will need to provide assistance as required.

“For our widows that do not have the gold card, we do provide medical subsidies and other assistance as well.”

While Legacy does apply for government grants, most of what is pulled together is thanks to the community and raised from the iconic Legacy badge.

“For Legacy, it is a lifelong commitment from these ladies,” Greg said.

“While their partner or husband has made sacrifices, they too have made sacrifices.”

Pat described to the Gunnedah Times how a soldier’s experience impacts more than just themselves.

“When a veteran comes home, it is not just the veteran, it is the whole family that is impacted,” she said.

“They live with it for the rest of their lives and often have nowhere to turn to for help or no one who understands what they are going through.”

Gunnedah currently has about 30 widows who are helped through the charity.

“[We try] to make sure they have what they need,” Pat said.

Gunnedah is a contact group from the Tamworth branch.

Tamworth originally only had a contact group from Sydney Legacy formed in 1945.

It then officially opened a branch in 1984 when it applied to the Legacy coordinating council.

“They could see the end of the war coming and the greater need for Legacy, particularly in this area,” Greg said.

Contacts were appointed into various surrounding towns as the support needed for widows and families increased including in Gunnedah.

The Tamworth branch celebrated 100 years of Legacy when a relay was held after it received the Legacy centenary torch that is travelling through Australia.

Pat was unfortunately unable to represent Gunnedah in the relay but members from Boggabri and surrounds proudly joined in.

The torch will finish in Melbourne in October, where there will be a gala dinner and other formalities.

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