Spring calls for flowers to bloom and with it comes a much-loved tradition of the Spring Rose Show hosted by Gunnedah Show Ladies Auxiliary.

The Smithurst Theatre became a temporary home to dozens of roses picked by some of Gunnedah’s avid growers and was on display Friday and Saturday.

This year’s numbers dwindled due to unfavourable weather in the days leading up to the event.

Club convenor Coralie Howe believes the wind over the past few weeks influenced numbers.

“We cannot control the weather, but we will blame it for the poor show of roses at the show,” she said.

Numbers were not comparable to the past however, but about 60 roses were gathered.

Gillian Woods with her winning Champion Roses.

“Normally there have been entries of over 200 and many more but not this time,” she said.

“Many thanks to Olwyn Jones who did a lot of work leading up to the day and in securing all the prizes.”

Ms Howe thanked everyone who supported and donated to the Rose Show.

The Spring Rose judge was Judy Clark and awarded the Champion Rose to Gillian Woods.

Results are as follows:

White: winner Kim Shields, runner up Julia Withers.

Bi-Colour: Winner Coralie Howe, runner up Louise Chad.

Pink: winner Barry Tydd, runner up Jo-Anne Little.

Red: winner Gillian Woods, runner up Art Gallery.

Orange: winner Gillian Woods, Double Delight, Coralie Howe.

Yellow: winner Kim Shields, runner up Louise Chad.

Miniature: winner Julia Withers, runner up Kim Shields.

Floribunda: Winner Gillian Woods, runner up Julia Withers.

Vase of 6 Roses: Winner Julia Withers, runner up Louise Chad.

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