The members of the Boggabri Tractor Shed were ecstatic as they proudly displayed their restored 1936 Massey Harris tractor for the first time on Saturday morning.

A two-year labour of love came to fruition as Stewart Maclennan drove the tractor out of the workshop and around to the front of the tractor shed.

No-one could decide who had the biggest grin, Stewart, Geoff Eather or Ron Boxsell. These fellows along with other members have sourced parts and worked on the tractor for two years.

When asked how it was decided who was going to take the tractor on its maiden run Geoff said” “we are all very proud of the work we have put into the tractor, however Stewart has been one of our main mechanics, and we want to encourage young members like him”.

When asked how the tractor handled, Stewart’s reply was, “it has started every time with the first crank, a bit slow pulling out of the shed, but on the road just like a Lamborghini”.

The tractor has been made using two tractors to make one. One was a local tractor from Stephen and Marion Smith and the other from a tractor from West Wyalong and the steel wheels were sourced from Maules Creek.

During a passionate discussion on Saturday morning among the tractor shed members it was overheard, ‘if you get a flat tyre, I think I have another one at home.’

Massey Harris continued selling the Wallis line of tractors under the Wallis name into the 1930s.

As the Wallis designs were updated, the new production tractors were badged as Massey Harris and a dark green paint scheme with red wheels applied.

The Boggabri tractor has been painted in the original colours.

The Wallis 12/20 was redesigned in the mid-1930s with the resulting Pacemaker PA entering production in 1936.

As with the Model 25, the engine speed was increased to 1200 rpm to bring the Pacemaker PA’s rating to 16/27.

A Pacemaker PA used a vertical, overhead valve, four-cylinder engine, displacing 248 cubic inches.

While the Wallis designed curved boiler plate frame which combined crankcase, transmission case and frame into one piece unit was retained. The transmission now offered four speeds.
Service brakes were also offered.

The factory offered either steel wheels or rubber tyres as options.

The un-styled Pacemaker PA was built in 1936 and 1937. A styled version of the Pacemaker PA was introduced in late 1937 and produced until 1939. About 3000 un-styled PAs and 3000 styled PAs were built during the life of the Pacemaker PA.

Geoff drove to Griffiths to pick up the second part of the tractor and it was two years to the day that the finished tractor went on display with the other 39 tractors in the Boggabri Tractor Shed.

A front view of the restored Massey Harris 1936 tractor.

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