Nuritionist Lena-Maria Kunisch is passionate about helping people lead healthy and happy lives.

Lena’s Glade is an exciting new business in Gunnedah, providing wholesome nutrition and wellness coaching combined with stress management and meditation coaching.

Originally from Germany, Lena-Maria Kunisch is a certified nutritionist with seven years’ experience and is passionate about helping people lead healthy and happy lives.

Lena’s focus is on women’s health and empowerment, encouraging women to question certain social norms, such as what the pill does to their bodies.

Ancestry and history on how women have developed over centuries is intertwined with the sessions, including knowledge about wise women and healing plants.

“Nutrition, you cannot really successfully change alone,” Lena said.

“My nutrition coaching is supplemented by stress management and meditation.

“I tailor the program to suit each individual’s needs as nutrition is not superficial but goes a lot deeper. I explore factors with clients such as what role did food play in their family growing up, their heritage and how food is viewed by the household to better understand their relationship with food and help them become aware of what they are eating and how they are eating it.

“I just want to help and support people. I have this knowledge and want to assist and be there for others, show you the tips and tricks.”

There are currently two programs on offer at Lena’s Glade.

The first is a oneoff program, designed for those who want to see what is on offer, get some tips and gain an understanding of what could be changed or improved.

The second program is an immersive eight-week plan.

It includes several meetings and clients are held accountable to changes and are supported in making little, easily achievable steps to benefit the body, mind and soul.

Lena also offers grocery shopping help.

With experience in the supermarket industry, Lena has seen first-hand the unhealthy affinity people have with food and the misguided approaches to health.

“I go through the finer details of shopping with my clients to ensure they get the most nutritious products,” Lena said.

“I provide insight into the ingredients list and how to interpret it.” Lena is also looking at establishing free monthly meetings for people who want to get together, connect and support each other in their journey to health.

 “I want it to be face-to-face meetings, getting back to the normal world and away from screens,” Lena said.

“Connecting is such a huge part of human nature and these monthly meetings would enable people to share things they have been struggling with, recipes they may have discovered and really love and routines that have worked for them.”

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