Families across the country will be celebrating mothers and maternal figures on Sunday, May 8, with Mother’s Day an opportunity to show love and appreciation for incredible people in our lives. 

The OBG Co is the perfect place to do your Mother’s Day shopping, with a fabulous range of home décor and kitchen elements. 

The OBG Co is also offering DIY VIP workshops for Mother’s Day, providing an amazing and personal experience and exclusive service.

Owner, CJ, said gift vouchers for upcoming workshops will also make for a beautiful Mother’s Day present.

“We have upcoming workshops in millinery, mineral paint and dry flower and leaf arrangements which will give your mum the VIP treatment she deserves,” CJ said.

“We also have beautiful Australian produced leather personal pieces by JuJu and Co.”

 Mother’s Day is an international concept, with almost 50 countries across the world honouring the day.

Some like Australia, observe Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May and others celebrate at different times of the year, such as Ethiopia which takes the acknowledgement of mothers seriously, celebrating for three days straight.

Although Mother’s Day was first started in 1908, it was in 1924 that the occasion took hold in Australia, with Janet Hayden from Leichhardt, Sydney, starting the tradition of gift giving. 

She noticed when she was visiting a friend in Sydney’s Newington State Hospital there seemed to be lots of lonely, elderly mothers, many who had lost husbands and sons in war. 

She then launched a campaign across Sydney to collect donations and received a phenomenal response.

The tradition of gift giving has well and truly remained, from breakfast in bed, to flowers, gift hampers to books, chocolates to jewellery, the gift ideas are endless. 

For more great gift ideas, visit The OBG Co in store to see the range of gifts on offer or call 6742 3944.

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