Gunnedah Riding for the Disabled has hitched up a horse with its new custom-made passenger cart rolling for the first time, much to the delight of G.S Kidd School students. 

Local man, Allan Geddes, finished making the cart last year, but due to COVID-19 affecting the RDA’s ability to run, it was not until last week the cart was rolled into action.

Gunnedah RDA has three carriage horses, with beautiful bay gelding Reg receiving first honours to pull the wagon driven by chief whip Kate Wilson.

The vibrant blue cart is equipped with a fold down ramp to allow for wheelchair access to the seats which feature a seatbelt for the participants.

Gunnedah RDA committee member Renee Hooke said it was wonderful to have the specialty cart.

“We are short of riding horses, so to have this cart helps to ensure participants can get some horse experience,” Mrs Hooke said. 

“It also means those who cannot ride can come and enjoy the horses and have a wonderful time.”

The RDA is on the lookout for suitable riding horses, ideally a strong horse in its late teens and able to carry larger riders. The horse or pony does not have to be RDA owned but can be privately owned and brought to the RDA facilities at the showgrounds, every second Friday, to help disabled participants enjoy the magic of horses. The horse must be tested to ensure it is suitable and quiet enough and then as long as deemed appropriate, it is good to go. 

If anyone thinks they have a suitable horse in the paddock and they want to be involved in a wonderful community program, they can contact the Gunnedah RDA on 0407 427 874.

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