The Salvation Army supports people experiencing many forms of hardship, including violence, homelessness and other crises, as well as those affected by disaster such as fires or floods – this year’s

Red Shield Appeal will raise funds for these vital services in the local area.

Spokesperson Peter Hall said that all money raised through the generosity of the people of Gunnedah for the Red Shield Appeal stays in Gunnedah and is used to support programs specific to the needs within this region.

“The Salvation Army provides assistance to people in need from all cultures and religions in our community,” he said.

“The Red Shield Appeal is our signature fundraising campaign, raising money that provides local community and social services directly.”

This year the Red Shield Appeal weekend will take place on the weekend of May 28-29, with collection points at Woolworths and Gunnedah Newsagency on the appeal weekend. Alternatively Red Shield Appeal donations can be made at the Country Markets on Saturday, May 21, or in between these two weekends, donations will be received at the Salvation Army Family Store in Chandos Street. 

“There is also the option for people to make a donation online,” Peter Hall said.

“We invite anybody who would like to volunteer some time to help collect donations during the appeal to contact us.

“We strive to leave no one in need. Your donation to the Red Shield Appeal will help us to respond to the needs of people in our local community.”  

The first Red Shield Appeal was held in Sydney as a doorknock in 1965 – never before had a fundraising appeal been held in this form with friends and family of The Salvation Army banding together to visit homes across the city.

The year 1970 marked the first nation-wide Red Shield Appeal, using the tagline of “Thank God for the Salvos”, a phrase which has made its way into the hearts and minds of many Australians and is still spoken today.

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