The delay of last week’s Gunnedah Times due to flooded roads around Singleton drew the inevitable question – why isn’t the newspaper printed locally?

It is true, the Gunnedah Times newspaper you know and love, is printed in Sydney by commercial printing service, Spotpress.

It would be no surprise to anyone to discover the reason it’s printed there is because it’s the most cost-effective option available for our requirements.

It is unfortunate that on rare occasions like last week, situations arise which make delivery of the newspaper to Gunnedah and surrounds, impossible. 

But the reality is the printed product is expensive.

If we are to remain viable as a business for the long-term, able to weather the unavoidable setbacks that come with operating newspaper business, then sacrifices must be made.

The upside is that the Gunnedah Times can invest in other aspects perhaps more valuable and entirely local – like people.

People like our editorial staff, Marie, Laura, Sam and Dylan who every week are busy sourcing the stories, taking the photos, proof reading the pages as well as designing and compiling all the pages of our newspaper every week – all from Gunnedah. 

Advertising representative Alison is meeting with local businesses every day, devising ways to help them showcase their goods and services to the wider community.

Office administrator Ellie is adept at keeping the front of house in order and the Gunnedah Times running as smoothly as it does.

Our invaluable paper boys and girls (and parents who support them) are pedalling the streets each week selling the latest edition of the Gunnedah Times with a smile and wave.

The countless contributors, supporters and volunteers who give up their time and energy just to see this paper get ahead – people like Ron McLean. 

We know how much the Gunnedah community appreciates having a local paper back in town and we cannot thank you enough for your support.

Local content about local people and places – it’s the foundation on which this masthead has been built.

We will strive forever and a day to maintain that commitment to people across the Gunnedah district.

So next time you’re reading a copy of the Gunnedah Times, as you are now, rest assured that although the physical paper might arrive from outside the area, everything else is 100 per cent locally-produced. 
Truly local publications are fading from existence but we here at the Gunnedah Times are here to stay.

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