Drumming could be heard throughout the main street last Wednesday and Thursday evening when the Japanese drumming group, Taikoz, brought their talents to Gunnedah.

The group is currently travelling to regional areas with Gunnedah being fortunate as the first in the region to see the performance.

Taikoz is known for its skillful interpretation of Japanese drumming (taiko) which brings an experience of cultural music and light show to its performances along with its weekly lessons that are open to the public.

Gunnedah was fortunate enough to experience one of these classes with a community workshop last Wednesday.

The workshop was eagerly anticipated by the public with locals of all ages taking the opportunity to be taught by an ensemble who has travelled the world.

The workshop continued for about an hour with the 20 participants given the chance to enjoy creating rhythmic music from the booming drums.

Since its formation in 1997, the group has travelled around the world and has been recognised as professional performers internationally.

The closest it had been to Gunnedah before last week was more than 10 years ago when Taikoz performed in Tamworth.

Locals were able to experience a music performance that could be seen and felt from their chairs.

The promise of large drums and a light show encouraged a diverse audience of all ages and backgrounds, bringing the community together.

The Civic theatre was crowded with approximately 90 people for the 90 minute performance.

It proved to be an incredible evening that gave the audience a depiction of the taiko essence. 

The performance contained some newer works from the group featuring music entitled Shadow Games, Flowing Water, Run!, Yasaka and Cocoon.

Taikoz depicted a story from darkness to growth and new life through the powerful drumming paired with the soulful flute to evoke a performance full of emotion. 

Listeners walked away with a rare experience among Gunndah’s music scene.

“Taikoz are just phenomenal!” workshop and concert attendee Wendy Carpenter said.

“Was brilliant! Thank you for allowing Gunnedah access to such wonderful events,” audience member, Chris Pullman said.

Gunnedah’s Conservatorium was fortunate to set its new season up with an exciting new and well-received cultural experience for locals.

Its season will continue with Australian Vocal Ensemble on Tuesday, March 21 and the Griogoryan Brothers in May.

Information regarding upcoming events can be found in the printed Season 2023 event program at the Conservatorium and select businesses in town.

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