Gunnedah Preschool hosted a colourful ‘fiesta’ with visitors earlier this month and were joined by special guests.

Baptist Preschool united with Gunnedah Preschool to celebrate and embrace Gunnedah’s multiculturalism.

Educators at Gunnedah Preschool wanted to recognise cultural diversity that may contribute to a child’s identity. Many activities and guest were planned in hopes of introducing the children to different cultures.

A table was set up at the beginning of the day with items and clothing from New Zealand and China.

Katerina Haenga, of the Women’s Multicultural Association, was there to educate the children on New Zealand culture.

The children surprised her in return by performing a traditional Maori Poi dance for her.

The Poi was used by the Maori people of New Zealand to increase their flexibility and strength in their hands and arms as well as improving coordination.

Other guests of the day included Ivy Law, of Malaysia, and Friska Napitupulu and Eka Yuniastuti, of Indonesia, who educated the children in the art of making dumplings.

Agnes Thurston danced to a Tahitian song called Ia Ora Te Hura- Pana’ona’o ‘Arioi.

Eva and Gerti Stetina from Austria were present for the celebrations.

Miriam Munoz with granddaughter Sofia Rincon shared some Colombian culture with the gathering.

To finish the day, Dibanhi Marsh and Gabriela Riveros read a book in Spanish, Los Tres Cerditos, and danced a ‘Zapateado Mexicano’.

The preschool aimed to provide a sense of belonging and respect for multiculturalism.

The day proved to be a busy last day of term with each child learning something new about the world.

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