Work experience week at Carinya Christian School Gunnedah has taken off as year 10 students spread out as they go to different places for their work. 

Students were able to work alongside professionals in the industry and learn about possible future careers through the work experience program.  

The students had a week at their chosen career, working alongside real employees. 

The Gunnedah Times caught up with these students, all doing different types of work in varying industries, to see what they thought of their week during work experience.

Participants said that finding placement can sometimes be tricky, and sometimes be easy. Some students had the chance of going to their first choice and had an easy process while others had a harder time finding work.

Benjamin Hall, a year 10 student who did his work experience at the Gunnedah Workshop Enterprises said:

“Mr Carter introduced this to me because I was struggling to get work in Gunnedah.”

It worked out in the end, as Ben found placement and enjoyed his time at the workshop. 

“Good, it’s been not hard work but you still get a lot done and it helps out everyone,” Ben said.

Toby Harris, another student who did his work experience at Tahlee Consulting Services, was happy with his selection. 

“My intention was always to do something in engineering and this just really held out,” Toby said.

“I’m really glad it worked out this way.” 

Some students were both shocked and excited by what was in store for them, others not so much.

Work experience student Bailey Rowland at Cobb’s Exhaust & 4×4 Centre.

Bailey Rowland, who did his work placement with Cobb’s Exhaust & 4×4 Centre enjoyed the workload. 

“It’s been quite amazing really, because you get to work on all sorts of different jobs,” Bailey said.

“I get to help under the cars rather than just be out helping with the tools.” 

Also pleasantly surprised by the amount of work he was expected to do was Toby. 

“It’s a lot more than I thought I was going to get to do,” he said.

“It’s been good, it’s been challenging and it’s been a while since I’ve  been challenged so it’s good. I feel good doing it.” 

Daniel Schweitzer-Ashford, a student who did his work experience at GB Auto in Gunnedah, enjoyed his time there.

“Nothing really surprised me, it’s fun and what I thought it would be like,” he said.

Students understood that many people have multiple careers in their lives but everyone has to start off with one. So, the Gunnedah Times asked these students if they would be interested in this field in the future.

“Yes, it is a very nice place to work,” Daniel said.

“Quite possibly … it wouldn’t surprise me if I did,” Bailey replied.

“Yeah, I could totally see myself doing this,” Toby said.

“Yes I can,” Ben said.

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