Cobb’s Exhaust & 4×4 Centre in Gunnedah is celebrating five years in business.

Owner-operators Matt and Michelle Cobb started in the height of the drought and have expanded their range from exhaust systems to a full range mechanical service, repairs and accessories – from the family car to the custom-built four wheel drive.

“It is nice to see people coming through the door after five years,” Michelle said.

The Gunnedah business is also one of the only providers in the region offering ECU remapping. The factory computer tuning provides four wheel drive vehicles with up to 40 per cent increase in power and torque, creating a smoother, more responsive driving experience.

Although Michelle and Matt had the basis of an exhaust service business when they started in 2018, the couple always knew they wanted to create a four-wheel drive mechanic shop as well.

“To go from a solely exhaust business to a mechanical business was the biggest hurdle we had to overcome,” she said.

Husband Matt specialises in custom-build projects and enjoys the challenge of “making something from nothing”.

A memorable job recently was fitting out his brother’s new Landcruiser with a complete suite of accessories including a new bull bar, tow bar, exhaust, suspension, canopy, winch and snorkel.

Matt is also a keen speedway driver and recently finished a solid season of racing on the regional circuit.

“We had some ups and some downs but generally it’s been a really good (season), the car’s been fast,” he said.

Much of his enjoyment from speedway is about the race car’s development – starting from a shell, Matt builds the entire car from the ground up. 

Michelle said it was a skill which had to be admired.

“I think it’s impressive he can build something like that and race it,” she said.

The family is also in the midst of building and renovating a new home – it is a busy time for the Cobbs but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Meanwhile, back at the workshop, Matt and Michelle are also looking to employ a new qualified motor mechanic.

The successful candidate would be a team player who will always look after their customers and their vehicles.

Matt said Cobb’s Exhaust & 4×4 Centre can offer prospective employees great flexibility and diversity of work without leaving town.

“It’s busy, you’re never bored, there is a lot of variety of tasks, from servicing to custom jobs and accessories,” he said.

“It is Monday to Friday, there’s no shift work and you have weekends off.”

Looking ahead, Michelle and Matt would also like to build on the beginnings of their new showroom and offer more four-wheel drive accessories to the general public.

Visit Cobb’s Exhaust & 4×4 Centre at 31 Rosemary Street in Gunnedah or call 6742 0322.

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