A 1974 450 SEL Mercedes car decked out in full Frozen decal is not something seen everyday but for 10 days children across the country will meet the princesses behind the wheel.

Georgina Brazier and Lucy Staughton are the sister duo taking on the Variety B to B Bash.

Raised on a property situated between Gunnedah and Carroll by Bob and Frankie Thomas, the duo are teaming up again for travel and charity.

Georgina had moved to the Blue Mountains but her sister keeps her coming back home regularly.

The sisters had grown up listening to their father recounting stories of the Redex trails.

It was a rally with amateur and pro racers driving across Australia starting in 1953.

Dick Smith had started the Variety Bash in 1985 to mimic races of the Redex trails without the racing.

This year the Variety B to B Bash started in Mount Panorama in Bathurst to Geraldton in the Batavia Coast.

The Variety B to B Bash is a fundraiser for the children’s charity, Variety, that helps unwell, disabled or disadvantaged children for an improved life.

“All the people involved in this Variety Children’s Charity are really lovely people,” said Georgina.

The sisters were fully prepared to begin last Sunday with their purchased bash car already Frozen themed.

The sisters have embraced the princess theme with costumes to make the trip extra special for the children.

They were just a mere $242 from their goal of $8500 as of Tuesday morning which will go directly to the charity. 

Participants will stop at schools to see how the much-needed donations will benefit the children’s lives.

These donations will be a range of equipment focusing on education, health and mobility.

A total of $70,000 will go back into these schools and an estimated $1 million total generated in the towns’ economies.

“To help a child is to help a family. To help a family helps the community,” Georgina had posted on her Facebook page.

Joining them are about 80 other cars and 210 people involved in the Variety bash.

“I am very proud to be a part of this,” Georgina said.

On a more personal note, both Georgina and Lucy were excited to see Australia. 

“The trip is going to be awesome,” Lucy had said on the previous Friday.

“That is the dream for me, to see all of that country.”

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