As Australia’s largest agricultural field day celebrates its 50th year anniversary, AgQuip organisers have assured the Gunnedah community the event is here to stay.

ACM Rural Events general manager Kate Nugent said the field day has a long and cherished history in the Gunnedah shire and that will remain so into the foreseeable future.

“AgQuip has had a strong connection and engagement from the Gunnedah community,” Ms Nugent said.

“This is one of the richest agricultural lands in Australia and AgQuip is where it should be and needs to be.

“We are very committed and want everyone in the Gunnedah community to understand what economically it means.

“It’s about inviting investment into Gunnedah as well.

“We’re driving tens and tens of millions of dollars into the economy but we can do more and that’s what excites me because I see so many opportunities.”

Speaking to the Gunnedah Times on AgQuip’s opening day, Ms Nugent said the timing and location of the field day has been critical to its ongoing success.

“We know the timing is very important to us – no other field day has this timing in the third week of August, it’s between the seasons so it really heightens our ability to attract our professionals of the land,” she said.

The general manager said post-event review process will help organisers refine and further improve the event, not only for AgQuip but the wider Gunnedah community.

“AgQuip needs to be always looking to the future to be the focal point within Australian primary industry,” Ms Nugent said.

“We have heard discussions around the ag industry and the federal government’s commitments through drought-proofing, education, scientific developments and ag-tech … we should not limit our vision not just for AgQuip but for Gunnedah as an agricultural centre of excellence.”

AgQuip was expected to host up to 80,000 visitors or more throughout the three-day event this year.

Ms Nugent said it was also the first time in several years the event has expanded its range of products and services on offer with 200 new exhibitors taking part in 2023. Since 1973, AgQuip has showcased the latest developments in farm products and services, with a special focus on emerging technologies and sustainability.

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