The 50th anniversary of AgQuip has brought back memories for Mullaley farmer Donny Finlay as he remembers the day he purchased his first truck at the very first field day in 1973.

Donny was just 26 when he visited AgQuip at Riverside Racecourse where it was held in the early days and took home what is now one of his prized possessions – a Mercedes Benz 1418 truck.

With a price tag of $14,000 at the time, it was quite an investment for the young farmer who used it to cart grain from the family property Gli-don near Mullaley to the silos at Premer for four years.

“When we bought a header it was my job to drive it so the truck went into the shed,” Donny recalled.

“It has never been out of the shed for even one night and has never been in the rain.”

The only passenger to ever grace the passenger seat was his son Todd when he was a youngster.

With 17,963 miles on the speedo, the original tyres and immaculate interior, Donny has been offered huge amounts of money for his pride and joy but has no plans to sell any time soon.

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