Gunnedah shire councillors are expected to vote on their mayor next week.

Mayoral elections are usually held once every two years and staged outside regular local government elections which are held every four years.

According to the Office of Local Government, councils that elect their mayors are required under the Local Government Act 1993 to hold mid-term mayoral elections in September 2023.

Mayors elected in September 2023 will hold their office until council elections are held on September 14, 2024. Deputy mayors hold their office for the term specified by the council’s resolution and an election for deputy mayor should be held when the deputy mayor’s term expires.

Mayors elected by councillors normally hold their office for two years (unless a casual vacancy occurs). But due to the postponement of the last ordinary council elections to December 2021, mayors elected by councillors during this term have a shorter term than the usual two years.

Gunnedah Shire Council is expected to host its mayoral election at the September 20 ordinary meeting next week.

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